In the Name of Allāh, all praise is due to Allāh and may the praise and security be upon the Messenger of Allāh.

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This is a translation of a booklet entitled al-Aḥkām al-Maṭlūbah fī Ru’yat al-Makhṭūbah  by Shaykh Samīr b. Amīn al-Zuhayrī. I came across the title of this work whilst reading the Shaykh’s annotated verification of Ibn Ḥajr’s Bulūgh al-Marām and managed to find it on the web. The topic is obviously a crucial one for those seeking to tread the path of marriage and want to know the relevant rulings associated with different aspects of the whole process. This booklet answers the most critical questions in relation to the actual viewing of the prospective bride and the manner in which the Salaf applied the Sunnic advice in this regard. The author dispels some misconceptions surrounding the topic as well. Critical notes have been added here and there to further supplement the value of the booklet and one hopes the readers will benefit from it as much as I have.

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Looking at a Woman for a Marriage Proposal pdf version