Seeing a scholar in one’s dream is a glad tiding from Allāh and generally indicates good things for the viewer in terms of increase in religious knowledge, high status and kind praise. It also indicates guidance because the scholars are the advisors of Allāh on His earth.

If the viewer kissed the scholar on the forehead or hand it indicates that he/she has great respect for that particular scholar or scholars in general and for knowledge. It also indicates one will acquire knowledge and respect from those seeking knowledge.

The type of scholar one sees is also an indication of the knowledge the person will acquire. So, if one sees a scholar of ḥadīth then he will acquire knowledge of ḥadīth, if he sees an exegete then he will gain knowledge of tafsīr etc.

If the scholar is seen in the viewer’s house, this indicates a blessed house from which a scholar will be raised or from which knowledge will be spread.

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