The colour of the clothing affects the interpretation of the dream as to whether there is a positive interpretation or negative one.

Green clothing worn by someone who is still living indicates religiousness and preoccupation with worship. If it is seen on a dead person it indicates the person is in a positive condition with Allāh.

White clothing is an indication of good things and glad tidings.

If one sees himself wearing black clothing to which he is not accustomed to wearing, this indicates he will be afflicted by some things that he may dislike. However, if his habit is to wear black then this indicates honour and authority, wealth and prestige.

Wearing red clothing means one will acquire much wealth from which one is obligated to apportion some for the sake of Allāh in terms of Zakāh. Therefore, one should fear Allāh in terms of paying what is owed to Allāh. Red clothing also indicates reputation and fame.

The state of one’s clothing and garments as seen in a dream is also an indication of the state of one’s imān (faith) i.e. whether strong or weak or pure or corrupted. The finer the clothes the stronger one’s state of faith, conversely, the dirtier and cheaper one’s attire is; the weaker and more defective one’s faith.

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